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The T type engine

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The two stroke direct reversing engine more or less reached its conclusion in the late 50's. What changed this was the introduction of turbo charging which  was well suited to smaller four stroke engines along with hydraulic reduction and reversing gearboxes. 1966 saw the start of a change for the Newbury Diesel Company with the trials of a new four stroke designed by Mr Illingworth. The engine was designated  the "T"type and was built in a four cylinder version to test the feasability of the design and to determine if the existing manufacturing facilities in the Kings Road factory would be suitable for production of such an engine. The company carried on to  a final conclusion with the build of an eight cylinder 1600bhp engine but the answer to the ability of the manufacturing facilities question was no and Everard's, in agreement with the management of the Newbury Diesel Company, decided that the market  competition was too great and the project was finally scrapped. The T Type engine never sailed despite the build team's best efforts.


John Illingworth the design engineer of the 'T Series' engine has been in contact with me and sent me one of his personal pictures of a completed prototype engine. I am hoping that there may be more to follow.

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