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Reg Pearce

Personal history

The pictures or snapshots on the page came from Darrin Pearce who's Father worked as a design draughtsman and who's Mother worked in the administration office.
They are interesting as they show the frugal but spotless office environment within the confines of the old Newbury Diesel Company. Comparisons with modern day offices have moved on somewhat but it is nice to look back and remeber.
Left is captured, the entrance to the NDC drawing office.
Below and left the admin office entry doorway.
Below and right the very small and dated office used by a senior manager, Peter Humphrey's who coincidentally wrote the history of the NDC which can be found on this site.

Not all work. There was some playtime.
Every year Newbury holds a "Crafty Raft Race". It has had its title changed to Crafty Craft to allow a greater diversity of entries.
It has always been a popular local event and continues to this day.
This is an entry by the Newbury Diesel staff, paddling down the River Kennet to the finish line.
I don't know what year and if they were placed but I'm sure somebody does.
Judging by the picture, they were either on a practice run, had beaten all the competition or were running last.
Answers on a postcard please.
Looks fun

The roof of the works had a walkway which was used by Kent-Norris and his team of fire watchers and aircraft spotters during WW2.
As can be seen, it gave a fairly unrestricted view across the town. These pictures from a much later date of course.
Newbury was only hit once by a bomber during the war and several bombs, dropped from a Dornier, destroyed some houses, a local church, a row of old folks almshouses and finally the National School. Fortunately most of the children had already packed up for the day although there were some children lost.
The Diesel Company, despite the prominent tin shed, escaped any wartime damage.

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