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People in photographs

Personal history

This photograph of a group in the snow was given to me by Joan Eggleton as she was then. She worked at the Diesel Company from the age of fifteen as a junior  shorthand typist and then as secretary to Mr Corden seen here in the photograph. Also pictured is her uncle, Stan Domone.
In her words, "At fifteen years old and a junior shorthand typist I had the pleasure of taking down letters for H Kent-Norris which sometimes left me petrified. He was a well built man who loved smoking a pipe."
This photograph taken eartly 50's

Left to right
Edgar Wildsmith....Stan Domone...Jim Haines...Arthur Corden


Even on holiday, the sight of an Everard ship warranted a snapshot.
This one, taken by Joan says on the back..
"Taken in 1955 while on holiday. Most of the boats with NDCo marine engines ended in (ity)."

This email arrived out of the blue with some slightly smudgy pictures of NDC apprentices (as would be expected of course) taken outside the old Kings Road Factory.
No names I'm afraid but it would be good to put a name to a face if you know who they are.

NDC Apprentices

This is Marc LeBret here, many years have gone by but I still try to remember the days at Newbury diesel. I only have a few photo's  I can pass on to you. I now live in Canada and have been here since January12th 1974 and I am still working in a machine shop on a C.N.C boring mill making a good living, thanks to a good start in life at Newbury Diesel. The web page is great I have looked for stuff in the past and found nothing and just today while working hard I thought I would look up Newbury Diesel on my IPhone and to my great surprise there is a great web site. would love to hear from you Marc.

Top left picture. Left to right.....
Dave Berry, Daryl Collier, Dave Cummins,
Dick Smith and Bill Johnstone


Bottom left picture.

Daryl Collier and Dick Smith with Tony Smith
peeping through between the two.

Thanks for you email Brian
Yes I worked at ndc from 1968 to 1973 I worked with Terry Barnard, Dicky Smith, Tony Smith and David Berry.  I was there when they scrapped the last engine. Any how, I am at work at this moment and would love to chat some more and also if I can help in any way just ask

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