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NDC Later engines

Engines & ships

Photograph of a 5'O' engine
on the workshop test bed.

A 6'P' engine


Two views of a 6GA Mkll engine, probably one of three built in 1960 / 61 for a re-engine of three Everard ships
The 'end view' of the engine shows the infamous and usually overloaded ten ton overhead electric crane sitting quietly in the background...

These engines lined up in the construction test area are from right to left
Engine no 846 a 6 cylinder Mk2 P type
Engine no 847 a 6 cylinder Mk 1 P type
Engine no 860 a 5 cylinder O type (similar to MV Balmoral's engines)
Photo courtesy of Darrin Pearce


A 4 cylinder Mk 2 P type.
Photograph courtesy Darrin Pearce


Engine no 860 a 5 cylinder O type.
Fully connected for testing prior to shipping
This is the style of engine as used in MV Balmoral, built under licence.
Photograph courtesy of Darrin Pearce.

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