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A 4SID front and rear views, the rear view showing the two water cooled silencers. Engine serial number 637 and manufactured for MV Actuality.

Line boring an SID cylinder in
the Newbury factory. The machinist is
Mr Stan Domone whose father came to
England from Holland with the Kromhout engine

A 6 cylinder SBD engine standing in the works test area. About 1936 one of two 6SBD's built for MV Sincerity and MV Suavity

A 3SBD of about the same time from the 'front' of the engine showing the engine control arrangements.

A 200 SHP 4F type engine. Sirron diesels are two stroke engines which are designed to run in reverse when the ship is running astern.This is done by changing  thr fuel valve timing. The claim was that the Sirron engine could be manoeuvered from full ahead to full astern within five seconds.

The tug SA Everard, originally designed for a 7cylinder 700 hp engine was fitted when completed in 1938 with an 8cylinder 8L type engine (seen right), serial No 711, the largest Sirron built to date. On trials at just under 300rpm the tug acheived a mean  speed of 11.3 knots.
In addition to the main engine, the tug had a 3cylinder 30 bhp four stroke diesel driving a dynamo and an auxiliary compressor. It also had a 20bhp high spped diesel driving a dynamo, a pump and via a clutch a small compressor. These auxiliary units were  also manufactured by the Newbury Diesel company within the high speed diesel section.

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