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The two photographs of a model held in the collection of the National Maritime Museum show a P type Sirron which probably looks better than a real life engine. There is no indication of who actually commisioned it but it's great to see that someone was proud enough of the final engine design to go to the trouble of producing such a magnificent scale model. According to Peter Humphrey's history, in which he acknowledges the museum model, the development of the P type engine started in 1942 and the first production engine was completed in 1944. This engine was fitted in MV Superiority II which was built in the Goole shipyard It is probable therefore that the "circa 1935" date attrbuted to the model may be a little early.
It seems, from research, that the model was built for the Festival of Britain but unclear where displayed.

Thanks to the National Maritime Museum for their permission to publish these photographs.
The museum web site and the museum itself are well worth a visit.

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A model of a 6 cylinder marine diesel engine (circa 1935) made in wood and metal and painted in realistic colours. The engine is painted a uniform grey  with painted and plated metal fittings. The cylinders are arranged in two groups of three, on one side of which are circular covers, the other side two large horizontal pipes, one above the other, connecting the cylinders. A geared wheel or cog is fixed  to the concealed crankshaft at one end of the model, at the other end is a large, straight-sided tank, possibly a boiler. Emerging vertically from the side of this is a chimney or ventilator, square in section. The model is mounted on a rectangular mahogany  baseboard with decorative edges and displayed in its original mahogany-framed case with integral feet. On plaques "Sinclair Model Engineering Co. Model Makers 21 Bishop Street. Glasgow C3" and "6 cylinder "P" type "Sirron" 1200 S.H.P. 245/250 revs marine  diesel engine Newbury Diesel Co Ltd Newbury, England.". On model in six places "Sirron.

Model held          
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

Overall: 867 x 1291 x 605 mm; Base of case: 622 x 1294 x 609 mm

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