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MV Balmoral

MV Balmoral, built by John Thorneycroft of Southampton in 1949 for the Southampton Red Funnel Line, was fitted with two ‘O’ type, two stroke reversing, Sirron diesels made under licence by Thorneycroft. These gave fifty plus years of sterling service but were finally replaced, in preservation, with two new four stroke diesels. Her last sailing with the Sirron diesels was  in March 2003,
The new engines were manufactured by Grenaa in Denmark with German gearboxes and new shaped propellers manufactured in Singapore. Her sailing from Bristol where the work was carried out was in May 2003.
The Balmoral is operated by Waverley Excursions, the Waverley being a preserved pad
dle steamer.
Both Sirron engines were transported to the Internal Fire Museum in Wales where they are awaiting restoration.

The Engines in operation
Ken Angell and Ian Macmillan
at the controls.


The end of their career


The final resting place for the two Thorneycroft manufactured Sirron diesels is at the
"Internal Fire Museum" in Wales.
Although standing derelict and as obtained, they will become part of the collection when funds permit. Part of the problem, from theiir point of view is the lack of expertise with this particular engine but I'm sure,
where there's a will, there's a way.

To view the Sirron information, it is neccessary to drill down through the site.
Collections/Core collection/Engine  then search "Newbury Sirron".
Update 2014, it appears that the two Sirron engines, the last remaining examples
were beyond repair and have probably been sold for scrap.
Sad end I'm afraid.


Awaiting restoration

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