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In addition to the large two stroke marine diesels, the Newbury Diesel company under the Sirron badge, built a range of High speed diesels to drive equipment  such as compressors and generators.
Two types of High speed engines were produced to power auxiliary equipment in medium sized vessels. Although designed to be used in a marine environment, these engines were equally at home on shore based equipment. The overdesign for the marine use was  claimed as a bonus for land use with the maximum reliability with the minimum of upkeep.
Above left is a four cylinder Type "C" which produced 80bhp at 1000 rpm.Centre and right two versions of the Type "J" engine in two and three cylinder varieties, the three cylinder developing 30bhp at 1000 rpm.


The photograph to the left shows a complete group of marine auxiliaries, generating set, bilge and ballast pumps, air compressor and oil pump sets.

The picture to the right shows a combination auxiliary set for a small vessel and comprises a 40hp diesel driving a 20 kW generator and a 70 ton Bilge and ballast  pump. This unit, designed for marine use is fitted with a slow speed reciprocating circulating pump.
A two cylinder set up would drive a portable compressor or welding set and would have been fitted with a radiator for cooling.

The unit to the far left is a two stage Newbury compressor fitted with intercooler and designed to deliver pressures of 400lbs per square inch. Also, in the range  for lower pressures, a single stage unit was offered.
The unit to the left is a Newbury two cylinder double acting water pump with an incorporated reduction which could deal with 70 tons of water per hour.

A couple of Type "D" engines being tested prior to shipping. (Courtesy Tony Smith)

If you are unsure how to start one of these, see the handbook posted on this site.....
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