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A historic model

FT Everard & Co

Sitting in the reception of a London based insurer's offices, Thomas Cooper, is a really nice model of an Everard coaster, the MV Amenity. The pictures are courtesy of Gary Cooper who had put them on a facebook page, "Newbury Past and Present.". I thought it would be nice to add it as a reminder of the little ships that we so relied on.


A thumbnail of MV Amenity in real life. I suspect this was taken in about 1945 or 1946 just post war.
The ship was built in 1944.
It was known as Amenity II and was fitted with a 6'O' Sirron engine serial no 786 built at Newbury during the latter part of the war.
The Diesel Company were struggling to keep up with the demand for engines due to losses by enemy action.

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